Busy busy busy

Alpha Team Building Time while I tie up the last loose ends…

Follow this link to the alpha team instructions.




Day job is getting me pretty good but I am
Making steady progress at nights!

I still just need o finish level one and create the war attractor to move all your units to a point.

More later, but for now back to slave waging :p

Have a great Monday!


4 Responses to “Busy busy busy”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    I was going over the text you posted on the forum and I started wondering, do you also have audio for it? I mean, how much can I change/rearrange? If there is audio, I would be limited with what I can do.

    Also for finding your uid…

    • Ryan Says:

      I actually already recorded it so lets wait until alpha and you can see it.. I am expecting to build the team and the build tomorrow =).. things are looking good. I need some goo ideas on making the game better =)..

  2. Kevin Says:

    Im not sure if i did it right, i think i did lol

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