New build tomorrow

For tomorrows build as it is getting just too late tonight and it needs more testing…game feels a TON better now.. the messages really help.

Done: Patch 1.2
Ryan: Skip button is there to skip all cut scenes and tutorials.

Ryan:No more saving and 1000 gold landing in your lap nor factory – start a new game to fix

Ryan: Updated the icon for the home.

Ryan: Added new message when husk is under attack that is the same as the resource warnings.
–Minion lair being bright pink is very hard on the eyes, should be a dark green/green blue.. And the building icon should reflect the changes of course.

Ryan: Sounds added for lack of resources

Ryan: Added a flash on the map if a minion is tired hungry or cannot find a home.

Ryan: Intelligence effects how fast a corpser produces a unit.

— Minions n medics wont sleep or eat, they just stay standin hungry n tired
Ryan:Added a message that your minon does not have a home build more homes. I also reworked the way that tired and hungry works so they will always keep going until they get rage and rebel.

— save the fog color values correctly.
Ryan:This was a selecting issue. Selecting through the scene graph works fin it was the “s” command that was loosing connect with the item.

–Too much screen shake when husk is attacked.. Makes it hard to act.
Ryan: Cut in half

–If you do not have enough gold and you click to buy more than once,the message flashes up and will keep repeating for an undetermined time, a small x in the corner and this only being spoken once would be nice.
Ryan:Fixed now warns like other low resource warnings and only once every now and then.

–Growing shrinking (pulsing effect) red circle wherever combat is on the minimap, this allows you to quickly click on the area, without having to scroll.
Ryan: Done a sparkle spidey senes effect happens on the map and big map if open.

—After the first attack the minions didn’t do anything.. I wanted them to dig gold but they didn’t do it.. And I actually didn’t know what to do either..
Ryan: They did not have homes. So they rebelled. A message is now sent to you.
Ryan: They had rebeled. New warnings now are issued.

—Way to many buttons and I had no clue what to do.. Should be more intuitive. I got really frustrated. The icons didn’t really help cuz I didn’t know what they all meant.
Ryan: Did you watch the tutorial. How can I explain it better? I go through every menu in the already way to long tutorial.

Question: The gui seems to scare people off.. I am thinking of lowering the number of spells and actions to all fit in a smaller number of menus.

One button is options with all the options.

Menus would consist of 3 buttons not 5 and I will have descriptions when you press them pop up. What do you all think?

load, save, options, sell, research (which I might remove from the game as people think its to complicated)

All unlocked traps and spells This allows for 40 traps and spells in total. That is plenty.

All unlocked areas.

( I will have to cull off an enourmous number of items but that is ok I think I have 3x what we need to make it a fun game. That would also accelerate its release =))



Fun with the editor 😉


I have some great tweaks to warning you about the so and also not letting them just stop working because they have no home. They will still go raging on you if you neglect them.

More later working hard again tonight 😉


3 Responses to “New build tomorrow”

  1. Imperator Says:

    The problem seems to be there is no rollover text telling you the name of the building you are selecting.. I think the menus are good.

  2. Imperator Says:

    Big update on my level, check last page.

  3. Imperator Says:

    Ryan, I have made a mock up of the rollover design here:

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