New Build is a HUGE improvement. Big changes…


Ready for a battle after the way is cleared!




Funny tip level 1
Dig out the top area and then snipe the corpses but do not open the path fully for some easy loot.

Build is out let me know … be sure to check known issues at the top of the alpha forum.


Building soon!

Build is almost done.. I am just testing… Then I will release early this evening so Alpha team can have it. If anything arises I can quick patch it also that way.

Imperator rocking again posted a Gameplay Video of the very alpha game! Awesome!
(I think he works harder then me…. ;).. I know his accent is better then my Texas accent =)…)

Also it seems Imperator has started a thread on editing levels:
(Thank goodness as I have not had time to flesh out the editor or the instructions.)

New menu Layout!




Revamped Menus! =).. I like it a lot simpler.



10 Responses to “New Build is a HUGE improvement. Big changes…”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Did you catch my playing Cursed Realms Video?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      BTW how did you record that it was great quality. I have not found anything cheap to do that =)

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    I love it! =).. boy is this next patch an upgrade =)

  3. Imperator Says:

    Ok Ryan I will upload gameplay videos as I go through versions.. You can then repost them where you like.

  4. Imperator Says:

    Next lets get those tiles updated to some grill/mesh that repeats and blends the floor better.. I posted some examples before in the lets go thread… Pm me if you can’t find them.

  5. Imperator Says:

    I’m thinking a steel/gun metal diagonal mesh.. Would look really decent and kick the visual appeal up a notch.

  6. Imperator Says:

    Presenting Part. 2

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I FREAKING LOVE IT =)… So fun watching someone else play and seeing how they do things =)

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I love seeing al lteh combat flashes on the map move towards your base =)

  7. Imperator Says:

    Ryan I found some amazing royalty free tiles you can use for the floor tiles.

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