Getting a TON done… even my son is really liking the game now =)… he says its awesome and I cannot get him off my test iPad lol


— NOW imps will dig and gather gold way in advance of anything else it is by distance but gold and

Tutorial has been fixed with stuck point. The new skip broke something.
– Bad news it was the code not you. =)

make medics wonder long distances randomly… small chance they go for a stroll. and find some trouble.
–they stroll longer distances randomly

1) Medics still getting caught on the corners of walls, can be really irritating
–I set up new maze and did great I might have fixed. Will need more testing

2) Get rid of ghosting/double vision when as a medic

Just downloaded, the next step will be to sync the audio to the skip, so when you skip that section the new audio syncs with the next part.

Bug found: selling your tiles has stopped working.
It has something to do with beds, it removes the bed but not the tile.

–Skip just key to key in script?
Idea: Turn on skip and set script name to it then skip will skip to the next key. No matter what. Look for errors of adding effects to something that is not there. This should also take care of the load screen weirdness. Close the skip prior to script ending by a second.

–Soldiers should naturally patrol, it helps the dungeon feel alive, they should do their day to day activities such as eating .
–They wander around it just takes time and random luck to wander into something.


UPDATE: Big fix testers. You could not proceed beyond the imp part due to an order of process error I had.. the slower the device the more likely it would happen. My

Words of fear in Dungeon Keeper now are in Cursed realms for the next build =).. Each unit costs 25 gold a payday currently… if you have insufficient funds the minion will wait around about 30 seconds and if he is not paid he will start shooting your place up =)…

More as I work!.. Long work day on Cursed Realms today.


4 Responses to “It’s PAYDAY!”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Tutorial skip is perfect now, we have a few problems that need to be looked at, please see Alpha topic.
    Hope you can reupload the build after these have been changed.

    Love the new payday sound.

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Awesome I am so glad to hear the awesome feed back man 🙂 can’t wait to buy it 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks! Just getting it right… Imperator up there is really going at it. I am having a hard time keeping up =)… Working today also =)

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