Corpser button today!

No more pressing it to create units. They will be created by choosing one from a button on the right that fades while one is being created and then pops when ready to make another =)..

I wonder should I keep stats on how many imps / medics / etc you create and have trophies for certain counts ?



7 Responses to “Corpser button today!”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Sounds awesome, please fix first person medics to the picture I displayed before shipping.

    Unit counts sounds really good.

    I’m ok with trophies too.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I will get that in tracking ai right now and working on the corpses button ill try for a build today but more likely tomorrow I want to test this stuff 😉

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I don’t think that’s what you mean but…
    It would be nice to have a way of tracking how many units you have on the field. Like a small icon, imp or medic, with a total number next to it. I find that if I create three medics, then one dies, then I create two more, then three dies… I can’t keep track how many I have going on unless I scroll around and count them.

    • Ryan Says:

      Thats a great idea!… hmm HAve to find space… Ha about in the new corpser menu so its not always on screen or should that always be on screen? The corpser button was a giant 2 hour change to the way things work… argh.. =) All good now.

      • Imperator Says:

        Yeah I thought this was what you meant haha, DK has tracking on the GUI.

        Did you read my idea about a flashlight in the user medics helmet, so people that think it is too dark can flick it on.. Imps could have this too, they have a big circle in the center don’t they?

        I deffo prefer the darkened look of everything before though, it was spot on minus the double vision/ghost effect.

      • Imperator Says:

        Sorry in the player Medic, got to watch my wording now lol.

      • Ryan Says:

        I think i have it set back in 1.8 let me know. I am going to catch up on all the posts later tonight I was fighting to gt that build out =)

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