Build 1.8 Release

See email for notes =)

And see todo lit on the forums I still need to ass a bunch of items people have sent me.


7 Responses to “Build 1.8 Release”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Frozen skip button at “wait I need to remind you of one valuable tool in your arsenal”

    Next part of dialogue doesn’t show.

    Gonna try again.

  2. MrSpud Says:

    How do you ass a bunch of items? Sounds painfull 😉

    I still got that bug where the imp stops doing his job, and It’s not because he needs food/bed, he’s just wandering around doing nothing. I tried to direct him, even picked him up and dropped him but nothing. I summoned another imp and that one was working but 20 secs later the game crashed.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      ROFL….. leaving that one!

      The imp I think is getting attacked and going offensive.. check his job by pressing him and pressing the 3rd box from the left then set it to the hammer and let me know… crashes are not good i need to start getting logs.. test flight is not sending me any crash logs nor reporting any…argh..

  3. Imperator Says:

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