Family emergency

Update: Still working issues out I will be getting a little time today and more as time goes on..

Update: This will take a few more days I believe. Sorry for the delays and thanks for the testing and patience

I have a serious issue that developed in my family yesterday and it will be a few days until I can get back to cursed realms.

Hope you all stick around and see you soon


5 Responses to “Family emergency”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    I hope it’s not too serious, my life has been upside down as well with work related stuff. Take care of your family and we’ll all be ready when you are, I wish you the best.

  2. Imperator Says:

    Yeah, no rush, we got a lot of testing in, so not much else to add.

  3. Medicalbenko Says:

    Why don’t you kickstart the game? I was on there and they have tons of great projects 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Might be an idea 😉

      • Imperator Says:

        With kickstarting you could potentially raise enough money to quit your job, not that it is a good idea in these times.

        You could target for 20-30k or something like that.

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