Alpha Build 1.84 out

Tutorials being added:

Main tutorial forum:

Gold and how it works:

Minion Control:

I plan on working on the tutorial pages a little on the forum and then start working on designing level 2 a little. Its time for some new meat for the testers. Level one has been beat on pretty good. Time for a nighttime level =)…

More Later:
Alpha 1.84
3. During the tutorial it keeps saying “built more treasury tiles” and the audio plays over the tutorial audio, I don’t think it used to do that.
–Added a some more treasury tiles to start with. Fixed

1) Gold tiles not appearing as the same as your gold reserves, had 46 gold and 3 treasury tiles, and all three showed the full of coins graphic.
–fixed there is a inital buffer that you do not need treasury tiles for. Fixed now.

4) There is a tree near the arch portion of the tutorial, can you make it so the leaves are not an obstacle, even if the trunkis, the leaves wre what stops you, you cannot walk through.
— The base of the columns had blocker tiles.. I removed them and adjusted the columns collision model. Still hitches sometimes as it is a tight space with the bases but it is easy to get past now.
–Further tweaked First Person. I am really happy with it now. I think it plays a ton better.

5) The corner of one of the walls near the start is still open to walk through and see through the map, will have to try it with others but that one is confirmed.
— this should be fixed with the new feeler system. Please verify

6) Third wave of User imps doesn’t appear, I have seen this twice now, you get the warning but that is it.
–Fixed and added another one

3) Don’t like the autorun that happens when posesseing a medic now, auto runs whichever direction you press.

6) Couldn’t hit Pus Bucket with attack when possessing medic.
Happened twice, seems the hitbox needs a tweak.
–Could not reproduce was something in front of him or an obsticle close?

3) When instructing the imp at the start to dig, he prioritises placing tiles, even if you drag him there.

1) Medic is now painfully slow when posessing one.
— fixed they are not the speed unit the imp is but they were running half max speed. when they are hungry or tired they slow down =)

2) Getting caught on everything making first person really frustrating.. I’m getting caught on food tiles now. Most things need to be made totally transparent minus the husk.. I’m getting stuck on; bed posts, the tall food dispenser, rocky walls.. Maybe more, Dungeon Keeper had everything transparent to walk through, minus locked doors and walls and the Dungeon Heart.
— Check this with the new first person mode.. I think it was the controls..

1. Near the end of the tutorial, after it says to press the eye icon again to return to overview, I had the interface disapear on me and the XYZ color graph lines showed up, weird… Could not do anything without the interface! I restarted and it was fine.
— You pressed the edit mode there is a very hard to see button down in the bottom left saying show… that will reveal the editor

2. One of the text box was “overflowing” during the tutorial, it’s the one that says “Below the tools menu you can find the spells…”
–changed to fit not going to record the audio again =) But should fit now


2 Responses to “Alpha Build 1.84 out”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Good stuff! I’ll check things out this weekend, my work is superbusy now. Will catch you later!

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