Going to be a slow last of the week.

Update: I have to get some sound work done tonight then I will release the next build with level 2. Just press test level 2 from the title screen at the top. =)

I see with a little more tweaking and after the big day job project ships about 3-4 more weeks of dev time then this bad boy will be ready for a full beta.





The day job will be eating my time Wens to Mon. However, after that the major project will finally be done and I can really work on the moonlight job. I have to pay the bills with the day job =). I can create a level a day with the in game systems so it should go rather quick from here on out for the first 10 levels or the User campaign.

More later!
I plan on a build tomorrow for testing while I finish the day job major project.

So to put it short. I have to finish this game asap after this big project goes out and make it as good as possible =)… So I will be kicking the afterburners again and having those late nights to get it done. Episode one will be 10 levels.


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