Still moving towards clashing clans model


I am finished with all the icons and I still need to look at what Tom suggested for icons. There are a ton of them as there are a ton of items in this game 😉

More when I get time.


5 Responses to “Still moving towards clashing clans model”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Looks really good! I like what I see, I’m not an artist but this does look great! Hopefully my internet connection can handle multiplayer, probably not! Keeping an eye on you, looking forward to see the new direction you’re going for. Just updated to iOS 7, pretty neat! Hope things are going well with the house, catch you later!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks sir. I am moving forward quickly and the multiplayer should be easily playable as it is like Clash of clans. Build your bade and put it out there then go attack others base. =)… except here you can actually walk a minion into their base. -)

  2. Imperator Says:

    I think the time limit between attacks should be increased from Clans, I love the frantic two minutes idea, but sometimes I want to plan the carnage out more.
    That could be where this stands out, you could even eventually have a free multiplayer mode, and title it ‘Classic Multiplayer’
    Just some food for thought.

    Still around, just letting you do your thing with the new direction, plus working a lot.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I do not
      Like the time limit. Play until you surrender or your troops are gone. The time limit makes no sense

      I should have a working version in a week or two that will need balancing like crazy 😉

  3. Helen Bucket Says:

    I say Mission Europa 2 that is all!

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