Going well!

I am implementing the menu stuff to set your name the database backed to store the info. Little things. The yellow guy is a soldier the green a healer. There are 3 basic types now that get
Upgraded. Nuker, healer, and tank 😉 More as I go 😉




4 Responses to “Going well!”

  1. medicalbenko Says:

    Hey! Sorry I have not been here in a while you know life! Im excited to see how everything is going! Also just read this and thought you guys might like too read it


    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Good read =)… single player will have to be different from multi-player if possible. I am bending more clash of clans direction now with a dungeon keeper play style =).

      GLAD to see you back =)

  2. Trantuananh Says:

    Thich tro choi

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