I am making the battle level now =)


Going strong =).. I am creating the starting battle level that the players will start from. I plan on having an upgrade that will move your husk, liquidate your assets, and allow you to move to a different level that is more defend-able as you go up in level. I will try to get some shots if I get time. As always time is tight. I am working on going from the title screen to the game. I have the server side done minus some database tweaks. It stores a destroyed level if you have been defeated so you will return to your wreckage and be allowed to be a detective on how your base can be built better. And it stores your base so you can instantly restore it for another go. This will be awesome. Forget DK this is CR =)…


2 Responses to “I am making the battle level now =)”

  1. Cindy Luis Says:

    Love “M,E” Best and I mean BEST GAME EVERRRR!!!! I love everything about it!! Story, graphics, etc!! Love your game hope to see more like it!!!

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