Chugging along ;)

The buy power cubes menu. The only method I will use to fund a years worth of dev time lets pray it works with a free game ;)…



2 Responses to “Chugging along ;)”

  1. Brett Says:

    Noooooooo…. After all this time Ryan you hasn’t gone down the freemium model have you? Please god no.. I was so looking froward to premium dungeon keeper on ad too. :0(

    • Ryan Says:

      Its free buy cubes if you want to 😉 I am not boing to be as nuts as the others out there. No waiting to play. I want it to accelerate it play and maybe a few trinkets =). Its the only model that works these days sadly.

      Over 1.5 years worth of overtime and midnight oil work means the wifey needs a little cash for the trouble =)

      Sry =/

      We will tweak it in alpha maybe you can join us =)…

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