Now to get random events in..

I have the base building etc going great, the online battle system 75% complete, the menus 95% complete, the upgrade able items 50% (I will not have them done for alpha as first we need to make sure the game is going the right direction.). Now I want to get some type of random assault generator or online system that coordinates random attack scripts if you are online at the time.

Couple of ideas to spice up the base editing:
1. Warp gate icon pops up. You can block it if you are busy or accept it. If you accept it you might just get some awesome loot after the attack.

2. You have no control and daily new scripts and attacks come.

The attacks will be scripted and pretty nice =).. It is good news to know I am at the spice it up stage and clean up stage. That is a big deal when making a game =)…and FINALLY


2 Responses to “Now to get random events in..”

  1. medicalbenko Says:

    Finally indeed 🙂

  2. MrSpud Says:

    Go Ryan! Keeping an eye on you, looking forward to see what the game is like now, sounds like a much different game. Hope things are going well in your busy life, things got busy in my life too because… Baldur’s gate II is out on iPad!!! Anyway, will be ready for you when Alpha rolls in, catch you later!

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