Mission Europa is up for sale

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz010

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz011PLEASE let me know if you have issues…. I do not have the cash to own each of the devices that can play it ;P…

I will post the new 10 levels of the factory today. More later.

9 thoughts on “Mission Europa is up for sale

    1. sheesh… I need more reports,,, it works on everything I have tried and simulators…

      Works on my iPad3 and iPhone5S…. Anyone Else?

      Could you try a reinstall and does it not show anything at all? What is the last thing you see?

      1. I tried reinstalling twice. It starts off and stays on a black screen during what I assume is a cut scene. I tried waiting through that but it stayed black even after it ended.

      2. I will look for someone with a 5s around me. Strange.. .works on everything else I have tested. So many screen sizes and such old code.

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