Testing now on all devices

Update 9:14 CST
Thanks for the quick responses all =).. I am building the final build with the menus and all (quick ebugging off)….
If you see anything please let me know this is the final build for now and at least tomorrow to test. I should have the final build and email tonight. Thanks!


Alright it works I think.. i took out the main menu and just start you at level one… Just let me know if that works for all and i will provide the final build in test flight with all the fluff..


OK I think I finally have it all together I am making abuild and expect it to be test flighted within about 45 minutes its a long process sadly.

Only thing I have found so far is the menu goes off screen on the iphone 5 s .. I am working on a fix tonight for that little issue…. I am sure some crashes will be in there so please post here testers and let me know =)..

Only unplayable on iphone 5 s due to the menu so far… Looks like its a issue on the iphone devices… actually working on a fix.


9 Responses to “Testing now on all devices”

  1. Doom Says:

    Tried real quick before leaving work..works on iPad air 🙂 I do see it displays iPad time and charge bar, wifi symbol in the corners but no biggie..will play some more tonight 🙂 my mailbox is under the name doomair now as doom is old device long gone..

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yes cannot play to far without the menu I will get a build out as soon as I figure that one out =)

  2. bramblett05 Says:

    The only thing that’s bothersome ao far is it shows the time and battery life on screen. Not really bad but just a heads up.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I have to figure out the new way to disable that 😉

      • bramblett05 Says:

        It’s been a long time but where’s menu?

      • bramblett05 Says:

        Ok works great now 🙂 everything works on my end so far.

      • bramblett05 Says:

        I’m getting two problems right now.

        One: a pop up keeps saying in app purchased failed to get at this time.

        Two: crashes every now and then on my iPod touch 5.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Weird must be changes in the purchase system from 3 years ago =)… I will be implementing test flights newer SDK in the game so crashes will be reported back to me!.. I love that sdk it was not there when this game shipped actually nor was test flight app =)..

        Thanks so much!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Great one last build is coming that brings back all the menus and lets you play the full game… awesome… lots of work there now back to cursed realms!

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