I worked 3 hours trying to get the icons right for Necro. Game is good tested and more stable then ME but following apples guides are ridiculous… I followed them exactly and xcode says nope you need to name it this and have the resolution that… guess what they all are wrong..


So more trial and error tomorrow and I hope to ship necro to apple… VERY DUMB that I cannot provide ONE large resolution icon and have it create the 42 other icons (That is time consumed from making games / apps better)… I wonder if I should apply for the spot of Xcode icon manager. This costs thousands upon thousands of man hours for all the apps out there (around 250k). Quite funny actually that the company with the most cash reserves in the world would have something this crazy. O well a hoop we must jump through. Hopefully tomorrow I get all the icons and launch images right…

Yea, seems easy but those resolutions are WRONG and they each have to have special names not specified in the docs! Great huh! =)


Sooooooo fun =) … Hopefully tomorrow I can make enough different guesses to get it right again….


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