The to do list will follow me day to day until this bad boy is done!

To do list:

Testing start:
(x) Food Run out?
(x) Fighting over beds.
(x) Change food to dripping ooze from nozzle
(x) AI check resting in bed.
(x) Deleting Home if in game delete used edit mode.
(x) Woa those damn demons are running way to fast and a-muck
( ) When researching or creating the tile shows time left above it.
( ) Research tiles research things faster. Only X per level. They tick research.
( ) gold needs to recharge WAY WAY slower…show when 10% full and max out at a level by capacity
( ) Placing faction tiles must touch each other
( ) Check from all 4 drop zones that they can reach base by digging,or walking, so find faction tile that is closest.
( ) Save default base and start

On load time and date FROM SERVER have to be compared and all time based things update
( ) Gold Drills
( ) Factories
( ) Research
( ) Messages to the player which also need to be checked every now and then

Clan chat:
( ) Global chat channel that allows 50 users per room
( ) Clan chat rooms that allow all clan members to chat. Clan max size TBD.

( ) Create level one events.
( ) Events carry you to either war base or a level as stated in the load script and progress the story line. They are downloaded.
( ) Re integrate level one and level one boss
( ) Re integrate level two and level 2 boss





2 Responses to “The to do list will follow me day to day until this bad boy is done!”

  1. bramblett05 Says:

    When will testing start? Looks awesome so far.

    • Ryan Says:

      Hard to tell it is getting close and I am getting a lot of off time this weekend so hopefully soon. The best way to tell is when that to do list is done 🙂

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