Having a pretty big change I am having to make on CR

I am going with a system where most all action is done with the tile pieces and not a myrid of windows SOOOO having a bit of fun rewiring things but I should be moving past it soon.

IE the below shots in the process of upgrading a soldier. The menus are not art complete =)..





To DO:
( ) Press on research and pull up what that node is researching.
( ) If not researching pull up what would you like to research spells or characters
( ) Press corpser show units available to create.
( ) Show barracks space left when pressing corpser.
( ) When researching or creating the tile shows time left above it.
( ) Research tiles research things faster. Only X per level. They tick research.
( ) gold needs to recharge WAY WAY slower…show when 10% full and max out at a level by capacity
( ) Placing faction tiles must touch each other
( ) Check from all 4 drop zones that they can reach base by digging,or walking, so find faction tile that is closest.
( ) Save default base and start

On load time and date FROM SERVER have to be compared and all time based things update
( ) Gold Drills
( ) Factories
( ) Research
( ) Messages to the player which also need to be checked every now and then

Clan chat:
( ) Global chat channel that allows 50 users per room
( ) Clan chat rooms that allow all clan members to chat. Clan max size TBD.

( ) Create level one events.
( ) Events carry you to either war base or a level as stated in the load script and progress the story line. They are downloaded.
( ) Re integrate level one and level one boss
( ) Re integrate level two and level 2 boss


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