To Do 9_12_2014

To DO:
(x) Update storage
(x) Faction based click on tile.
(x) Faction based update storage tile.
(x) Save default base and start
( ) Glow Flash on small map wrong
( ) When placing a blocking tile check all 8 surrounding tiles that they can get to one of four spawn attack points. When Placing a faction tile non blocking or diggable be sure it can be reached by one of the four spawn points. The four corners. Have to check if that node can be destroyed if so then it can be passed.
( ) Close map not working
( ) Do not allow the blood zones to be changed by the player.
( ) Tweak Brightness and blur
( ) splash screen
( ) loading screen
On load time and date FROM SERVER have to be compared and all time based things update
( ) Messages to the player which also need to be checked every now and then

Clan chat:
( ) Global chat channel that allows 50 users per room
( ) Clan chat rooms that allow all clan members to chat. Clan max size TBD.

( ) Create level one events.
( ) Events carry you to either war base or a level as stated in the load script and progress the story line. They are downloaded.
( ) Re integrate level one and level one boss
( ) Re integrate level two and level 2 boss


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