To Do 9_18_14

To DO:

(x) Do not allow battle without troops in the barracks.

(x) Placing not allowed for some reason to blood zone

(x) Price of gold storage is ridiculously low.

(x) still takes money even though it did not allow due to blood zones.

( ) Battle! And test gameplay.

( ) Show units in queu under corpser.

( ) Show XP and update on battle.
( )  level pic

( ) Move Sync User TO local time.

( ) Menu Process Time elapsed needs to be updated the the final system

( ) add users for testing

( ) Random spawn gold and dirt clumps in level per time gone.
( ) Tweak Brightness and blur
( ) splash screen
( ) loading screen
( ) Messages to the player which also need to be checked every now and then

( ) Shields

Clan chat:
( ) Global chat channel that allows 50 users per room
( ) Clan chat rooms that allow all clan members to chat. Clan max size TBD.

( ) Create level one events.
( ) Events carry you to either war base or a level as stated in the load script and progress the story line. They are downloaded.
( ) Re integrate level one and level one boss
( ) Re integrate level two and level 2 boss

Final Punch List:
( ) Create Final Icons
( ) Create Final Launch Images


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