To Do 10 2 2014

Sorry for the lack up updates the last few days I had a business trip again

To DO:
( ) Imp does not destroy just sits there.

( ) General destroyed tile. Add to item string.

(x) Upon drop immediately do something.

( ) pickup not working

( ) Attack animations not timing right

( ) Cancel battle does not matter.

( ) Warp in needs to fade faster when dropping

( ) On finish now the barracks were not updated right as far as numbers

( ) When storage unit blown up get spoils. Destroy

( ) Cannot harvest in battle mode (Cannot harvest not faction tiles)

( ) imp stil trying to eat in battle mode

( ) Hide event in battle mode

( ) Cannot pickup with new menu.

( ) Upon battle time up Battle over menu.

( ) Dirt Blowing on Base

( ) SkyDome

( ) Ask are you sure you want to surrender?

( ) Show white flag for surrender in battle

( ) Hide event button on battle

( ) Remove fog of war.

( ) Leave on continue and new buttons on title menu

( ) title men u fade in faster.

( ) Battle! And test gameplay.

( ) Show XP and update on battle.

( ) level pic

( ) Move Sync User TO local time.

( ) Menu Process Time elapsed needs to be updated the the final system

( ) Check that Random spawn gold and dirt clumps in level per time gone.


( ) Finalize load screen.
( ) Tweak Brightness and blur
( ) splash screen
( ) loading screen
( ) Messages to the player which also need to be checked every now and then

( ) Shields

Clan chat:
( ) Global chat channel that allows 50 users per room
( ) Clan chat rooms that allow all clan members to chat. Clan max size TBD.

( )

( ) Create level one events.
( ) Events carry you to either war base or a level as stated in the load script and progress the story line. They are downloaded.
( ) Re integrate level one and level one boss
( ) Re integrate level two and level 2 boss

Final Punch List:
( ) Create Final Icons
( ) Create Final Launch Images


4 Responses to “To Do 10 2 2014”

  1. joe Says:

    ahh, bad news, i think ios 8 broke the app(mission europa). it displays longways on my ipad and then the screen turns green. several other of my apps are displaying sideways/odd ratios now too. i have ofcourse checked the orientation lock etc. another update may be needed

  2. Russell Says:

    Same here. Just bought it but it doesn’t work on iPhone 6.

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