Ok major decision to make

I am researching shelving Cursed Realms in favor of moving to the Unity Engine and creating Mission Europa 2. I loved M.E. and loved working on it. Cursed realms is fun but my heart is yearning for the full fps story driven fast paced action rpg Mission Europa is. I would be using an engine I do not have to pour a ton of time into and is supported by an army of developers. Rolling my own EVERYTHING would not be needed finally. First though I am going to nail down what I need in a design doc. Not story line just the features I will need and asset counts. Then I will decide if I want to invest just a few months making Mission Europa 2 then return to Cursed Realms which seems to DRAG on. I underestimated the shear size of C.E.. The power of Mission Europa is the simplicity. A couple of systems that allow one guy to create it. So investigation time then possible a little dabble time with Unity and then a possible shelving of C.R. until I get Mission Europa 2 done on a next gen engine with next gen graphics.

We shall see =)


5 Responses to “Ok major decision to make”

  1. Doom Says:

    I think you might be on to something man. Lately it has seemed to me that you have not been really enjoying what you have been working on. If it is not fun for you then it just becomes another day at work. I would really love to see a Mission Europa come alive on Unity! Maybe just do a quick game of some sorts to get some practice in with Unity then do it to it?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I am all in Mission Europa 2 is a go I have been using unity an hour and am BLOWN away…. so much power… I am really excited!… and your right cursed realms was not my bag of tea really just a binge of nastalgia. The engine was dating and I would have to work just as hard keeping it up.. For 150 bucks a month I can use unity what a deal for the strength and multi platform. I am exploring the goals of ME2 withing unity now I plan on setting up the main character in a rough in method. The character is the most important. Seriously I should have done this last year!!! This is really exciting …. not to mention free assets I can use and accelerate development!

      Ill report more as I go and I am really excited to get to what I love story based action RPGs with awesme loot,magic, and action with a great story!

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