Going Strong

I am going to finish the first level in the first few days. This is a first pass and after that I will start the game mechanics Wiki and be sure it is finished before I move on. This is of course for the first few levels. I will then have to move to the unity with ios support for a whopping 150 a month. Cheap compared to other engines but painful for an indie =)… Still the time saved is so very worth it. I still need to figure out why my light mapping is crashing. I am sure it is a setting I am still to learn. The biggest hurdles for ME2 will be the customizable equipment, custom icons per item, and the randomized levels WITH light maps. I am reading the latter is difficult and will require coding. Coding for me will be a welcome release from coding a whole engine. So for now here is the beginnings of the elevator and drill the first two transportation devices into the new story.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.26.09 PM


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