Moving along!

I bought an inventory gui for 15 bucks and saved weeks worth of coding. So today I need to get down on paper the basic rules and item systems on the wiki. After that I need to make the item system create the items from the models. That should not be to difficult.

2 thoughts on “Moving along!

  1. Just curious, are you planning on using some on the assets from Cursed Realms in your new game? That could save some time maybe, and if you someday finish CR you could call hit Mission Europa, the Cursed Realms and get away with making it a spin-off! Or maybe you have something else in mind, like just buying some of the assets available on Unity, there’s some nice stuff on there.

    Getting excited!! Unity is the way to go, If you can make your own engine then I can’t wait to see what you will do with these powerful tools!

    1. Thanks man! … I may move cursed realms to unity some day but the assets are more of a third person 3/4 view from far away and not for FPS. After ME2 I may just slide it over to unity.

      I am blown away with unity so far. I have not started paying the extra 75 yet so I can test it on the ios so I have worries about performance. However, that can be fixed =)

      Happy Monday!

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