Almost time to get the avatar texture building.

Update 1:

Something that took hours and should not have… there is localBound and SharedMesh.bounds…. the one listed in the inspector is not the shared mesh but the localbounds og the skinnedmeshrenderer. SOO recalculate bounds will not trigger its update thus vis-culling fails. I thought my skeletal assembly was the issue. After rebuilding everything by hand I stepped through the code and found local bounds.. DUMB move.. all good now… It happens time to time when muddling through a new engine. I love how unity is constructed. Funny thing it is almost exactly like my old engine on CR, but with all new bells and whistles.

I already have it working on the weapons so I would think it would only take about an hour. After that I need to make the first set of armor. I then need to get treasure chests working. After that the plan is to create the first set of enemy assets. Beyond that the Room generator will be next!.. Good stuff! I am not sure I want to use the terrain system. I think ice block models would be much better and I could create a library to reuse. One item I need to get going is a vertex color export method for blender so I can fade level textures.

For now the day job calls!


2 Responses to “Almost time to get the avatar texture building.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looking good, i had a quick play with Unity some time back and played with the Terrain options. Its a good way to get something really pretty very quickly that you can also sculpt without needing to know much / anything about coding. However the more you get into it the more limiting it becomes. I dont remember the details now, but one of the big drawbacks was compatibilities with IOS. I dont know how true that still is.

    Another is you cant sculpt tunnels / caves etc.. effectively every point on the terrian has a SINGLE height. For tunnels etc you would need Three (which it cant do) ie the tunnel floor / roof and ground level.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      The ios thing I am unsure about.. And the no tunnels is something I found out early. I just do not like the look. Also the tessellation has to be pretty high to look decent. Another item with height only base terrain is no lateral/horizontal movement of vertices. I wrote one a while back that allow the movement using the R and G colors for lateral movment and a “pull” tool. Worked pretty well. The texturing was a fun issue. But at least you could have overhangs without placing models… The negative to not using the terrain is the speed at which you can construct environments.

      The cave issue is sooooooo easy to solve I do not know what unity does not handle it better. One way we did it in a AAA game I worked on years ago was a color that represented void spaces and do not tessellate there. Place a cave model mouth opening and done…. Good stuff! Glad to see you here the more knowledge/ideas the better =)

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