Got the main character pretty low poly..

Update: seen better here where the arm is attached to the character controller sky boxcam and main cam. (bending over and looking down)

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 8.49.56 PM

Update : Might not look like much but that is a hand assembled to a arm inside an avatar animation system that has very little scripting docs… Woot!… one step farther… the steps are coming much faster the rolling my own by about 10x to 100x  =)

Tech data: I have a full set of limbs in blender I have match verticies at every joint to a template all joints must adhere to. Then I have a base skeleton with the full body for animations. At load I ditch the mesh and add in the meshes as are equipped. I load the skinned mesh renderer of both. Set the shared mesh verts ,norms, etc DO NOT FORGET BONE WEIGHTS to the new mesh ditching the old. But be sure all exported items have the same up and forward settings from the exporter. That got me a second my main had a different setting when I exported it as blender does not save its settings (lovely 30 minutes there)… any who there are some bits I skipped. I have a function that loads and combines the parts in a mesh with the corrected bone weights and indices BEFORE i do the simple copy over. now to more testing!


Pushing as low as I can go on polys. The armors should be lower as they are more mechanical. But here you can see the polys. I am hitting a slow patch figuring out the legacy system for building a character from code as I generate the characters from many pieces. One guy that makes many parts like (5x5x5) x (5x5x5)  x(5x5x5) x(5x5x5) x(5x5x5) x(5x5x5) x(5x5x5) x(5x5x5) x (5x5x5) x (5x5x5) = 95,367,400,000,000 combinations =) ( and that is just equipped items not the weapons and 8 different qualities)… Each item has 3 parts from armor to weapons. Not to mention the spells =)… The power of math and smart construction. Each weapon has three parts interchangeable with the class. Each armor piece has 3 parts possibly.

Anywho back to work…



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