Today I plan on having arms working in fps mode.

Update: almost had a near catastrophe with my cvs system and unit. Not very friendly with each other I will be moving to subversion soon. Tonight I got some work done and will post it tomorrow then it was movie time with the family….. Not exactly a family movie but we watched lets be cops and it was freaking hilarious…. Albeit not for the family ;/… Funny non the less. Have a great night all onward and upward tomorrow 😉


Here is a pick of where I am in the very touchy process of creating an avatar system in code and from pieces…The right hand is working and animating.. now weapons… then clean up and integration into the inventory system. Boy this is moving fast!


More Later:

Update: I wanted to update with a few other observations. After creating a Skinned mesh renderer from pieces I found many items out.I use a Main avatar and swap its mesh with one made from the pieces. Some are obvious and some problems are not. Obvious they must all use the same skeleton setup with the same names so you can index them after construction. However, a big one I learned is do not rotate the base before a render as somewhere in there if you do it will bind to the wrong pose on the skeleton. Thus all the verts go crazy. I export a base model with skin so it has a SMR (skinned mesh renderer) and the bones. I then copy the bones over from the base skeleton leaving the mesh. Then I copy the materials from the first piece as they all are the same. I then replace the mesh with a texture made from the textures of which each item has an assigned spot in the atlas. Whoops back to work more later…. sorry typing at the day job.

I ran into a heck of an issue with the blender exporter. It just stopped working exporting selected objects… so now I have to delete the whole scene besides what I want.. export… then undo… quite annoying. After I get the hands in game I will then get a weapon in the hands… After that I need to figure out how unity handles firing items etc. Then we shall have a working FPS game that only needs enemies!!! Not bad for 3 weeks of after hours work! Unity so far is still amazing.. The only knocks I have so far are some blender to unity items. (Which is really the autodesk exporter) I also wish the Mechanim system was actually done so you can construct it all via code. No worries in comes the legacy system =). All in all the legacy system maybe better anyway I do not want to setup avatars for all the different bone setups anyway.

More later =)


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