How about DEM apples!

Update here is a shot in editor of the constructed arm and weapon =)… and a shot of the new position for it in game



Getting there!…Now to get the right animation in there… get the left hand holding the gun… Then get the gun shooting!!! Not bad 3.25 weeks into this!… Man this is going to be good =)



More later rocking and rolling on a night off and no partying tonight =)…

That may look easy but that is a gun constructed out of 3 separate looted pieces and an arm constructed out of 2 a hand and arm!  All working off a database of mods or pieces.. Each piece has a quality setting and stats that add to the end stats. You will loot a stock or barrel or main gun piece and be able to combine them ONCE… then you may use,sell, or deconstruct to a random piece of equal or lesser value and sometimes very rarely a much better item =)…. SWEET!


2 Responses to “How about DEM apples!”

  1. bramblett05 Says:

    So when does testing begin? 😀

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      lol a while =)… I am kicking around web based testing… so everyone can test on their PC or MAC… just not sure about the size of the game and the web based client… =).. Could be cool =)

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