Looking at a break for a M.E. 1 patch

Update no progress so far on ME beyond finding the framebuffers and render buffers seem to be an area of focus.

I will keep working on it while ME2 waits =/… It is so hard to keep that level of game up to the constantly changing IOS systems. I blew 4 hours tonight with very little progress. So hopefully tomorrow I can find a bread crumb leading me somewhere. Opengl is very hard to debug when it says at some point something broke.. not sure where but it does not work in these 100,000 lines of code =/….. So ready to be under unity alone where they deal with this side of things.


I am investigating ios 8 and what it has done to ME1.

It seems something has changed.


The render buffer in ME1 is not being created properly..Still digging not easy =/


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