Wow unity is a amazingly designed engine.

Very well structured I got from no muzzle flash to an animated muzzle flash added from my database to gun in 45 minutes.

In the mods that make items there is a use effect. The effect has charge hold and fire. Some have just fire like this gun. The game object is loaded on weapon model creation and then added to the local position stored in the mod database. So each mod (3 per item) can have its own use effect. This could make for some seriously awesome weapons and effects!.. So when the trigger is pulled and the weapon is active the muzzle script will play and fire bullets also!.. great stuff!

A side note is the prefab scripts point to the inventory manager for ammo and the player for location information. (direction)

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 3.24.50 PM

More later!


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