Looks like Necro Broke on 8.0 also

Update: Found part of it,,, It seems some items changed in the window creation… this could be good. As it might only take some tweaks! Necro should be done today… maybe ME1.0

Necro is fixed and will be submitted tonight…. Mission Europa 1 will be next

It seems there were changes in the view controllers / uiviews / ios code. I was able to adjust to the new standards again and we have two fixed games to submit tonight.


Sooooo first to get them back again… and again…. at least necro shows some promise.. I see the rendering in a small window in the bottom left of the screen… nothing in ME yet.. So I will start with fixing nero and bring those fixes over to M.E. I think it is in the windows and NIB setup if it is rendering on necro… but it will take quite a bit of time to figure these out I suspect…

More later and until they are working and submitted (unless I give up and pull them) M.E. 2 will be waiting.. ;/


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