Today! Camera Effects THEN Enemies!

Update: I had to modify someone else code for the alpha before I decided I would just write a shader that uses the color channel to fade between two textures/normal maps (I think). The problem I need to solve is large chunks of ice with snow on them. I think the best way is a collapsible dual texture situation with vertex color choosing the texture. This way when they are automatically batch collapsed I will not have a transparency sorting issue. Any-who back to shaders! Again still building the foundation of the game once done it will be ALL content =)….


Update: I will be jumping back into CG shaders again. Sadly I have been programming in opengl and not using the native language for unity. Same stuff different syntax. I bet in an hour or so I will be up to speed. I need to do this because for some ODD reason Unity does not have a default vertex alpha blended texture. Which is needed badly to transition models to each other with a nice smooth fade and not a hard edge. Anywho off to shader land later.

Update: Actually I think I am going to replace the terrain with models now. I just do not like the look of the terrain along with the extreme number of polygons it uses to represent a decent looking terrain. =)

Here is the camera effects… No telling if the IOS will support these effects but we will find out when I start porting to IOS.

As always click for larger!




I will post some shots later of the new bloom / camera effects to increase the visual appeal of the game. Then I will start on the Enemy builder. After that the enemy AI… Then weapons and firing on both sides!… Getting there! After that I will start the room builder. I expect to have a base and level 1 working in a few weeks at this rate!..

More in a bit!


2 Responses to “Today! Camera Effects THEN Enemies!”

  1. Woody Says:

    What types of environments will you be creating for the game? Will they be linear type?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Currently randomly generated like the last one but not sure yet.. It will be a linear game with a large story arc =) Well linear but you can travel to any level you wish =).. Teleporters for the win!

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