Unity 4.6! Finally =)

Update: I finalized how the bodies go together as you can see here when I took all my body parts off =)… yes ME is creepy =P … I just tossed them in the building… more later =).. I had forgotten I had not created the texture copy code for skeletal meshes. Only objects like the machine gun seen earlier. SOOOOO tonight I need to get that aspect working. I have the first blood zombie done and ready to import into the object system.  So very soon we will have our first bad guy in and ready to rock!.. After that the random room gen. I used to be scared of that system and its compatibility with unity. However, after working with unity heavily the last 4 weeks I feel it maybe one of the easier items left. Basically after all the base systems are in all there is to do is pour game fun and content in =)… I am about 65% to that point already in 4 weeks. (I lost all of last week). So hopefully in 2 weeks we have a totally playable level one with AI etc. Then the game goes on =)…



The new gui system should really help speed things up. You can check out whats new here http://tinyurl.com/nybdrp2. I will be installing and upgrading today!.. I see this as the last release before 5.0 comes. 5.0 has amazing lighting advances and other features. Back at it finally life is back to normal after the craziest week I have had in a VERY long time. I will update as I go tonight and later.

Happy Monday!


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