Here is the generic chest Ta Daaaaa..


The new GUI system is AWESOME! … This is going to save MONTHS of time! =)…. I am making the item tool tip right now. Then I will move to finishing the new inventory system with the new GUI system. Freaking LOVE UNITY! Every step of the way I am pleasantly surprised with a good design decision or a good implementation that follows the inherent design workflow. Anywho wanted to stop and shout it from the mountains!.. My only real concern later is performance once I start on the IOS.

Ok now time to create my own inventory with the NEW gui system in unity. I was using a free one before that was VERY cumbersome code wise. It would just be easier with the new tools to create my own. So tonight I hope to have the new gui created. It would be really cool to get an entire inventory system done in one night….. that would show the power of unity! =)

Pretty simple it pulses red to let you know there is a present box ready for you to open there =)… More later!



2 Responses to “Here is the generic chest Ta Daaaaa..”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    How are the controls? Is this something you need to write from scratch or Unity does it for you? Do you just need to tweak it? I know it was a bit of a pain in ME, same control scheme I assume?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Unity does some and you do some more =).. .but all in all it is a MUCH stronger system then I hand made for Mission Europa 1. This is going to be a HUGE difference =)… its like having to hand build you own car for a race. Instead with unity I have a Ferrari to start with and add to =)

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