Still finishing UI and functionality


Here is the gui all except fora few controller buttons and the equipment window working.


This is flying. I am really excited now that I know almost all of unity and the inner workings all the things I will be able to pull off to make the game exciting and different from all the on rail games out there!

Here is the scaled up GUI. Still a lot to do. I need to get the character equipment window finished with your character showing in the window. I need to get the usable items able to be used. I still have to get stacking working. After that I should be done with the GUI. I may add a lot more slots and a slot flipping device. So you can have multiple screens of in game items and inventory items. After the GUI it is time to finish the enemies and how they work. The last step before we look into first possibly internet browser testing and then IOS is the first level. The IOS version will start testing much further out as Unity charges 75 per month for the engine and then 75 MORE a month just to be able to build towards the IOS.



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