Equipment and Inventory Done…

Ok naming right and window tweaked… all looks right with the GUI time to move on to the gun!MissionEuropa2_hhh

Update: Ok renamed the mods that make the gun. The stock is called SIMPLE, the mid working section 5.52 Saw, the barrel OF THE PEOPLE… all meaning average gun. Of course the first term is the quality decrepit being the worst and GOD LIKE the best.

Cleaning things up then I think I will attack the gun shooting next. Then AI and the design of the AI construction. I am REALLY looking forward to the scene action scripts… I am planning currently on many systems that make the environment come to life while you explore. Of course the spawning bad guys and what not. However, I have an idea where I place empty markers and the father from the enterance and closer to the event they have different actions. For example the farthest from the even may have a temor and a distant scream. Close maybe an explosion and a roar of something bad. Closer and spikes come through marked places and a taunt of a bad guy. Then the event and the boss shows… pretty simple stuff but think legos all the way and mix and match events for randomly generated highly active levels. =).. this will be a can of awesome =)

Here is another item:


Update Item information window done:


Update fun with body parts lol


Now I need to create an item window so you can truly inspect an item. After that shooting guns!… Then AI… this is moving ridiculously fast….it so nice not writing an entire engine.

Here I am trying on some blood zombie parts =)

as always click for larger and more later!



3 Responses to “Equipment and Inventory Done…”

  1. MedicalBenko Says:

    This is awesome! You should really create Set Armors or Set Weapons. For example, an armor set called The Kings Merchant: Get extra 2% gold from for each piece collected and when completed add a bonus of 5%. It would also give you a yellow glow or make a ka-chink sound everytime you kill a miniboss or regular boss. I personally would love to see an armor and weapon set called “The Blazing Warrior” where your armor gives off a fire aura and your sword does fire damage and has a fire ability: when swords is swang 3 times on the 4th swing a fire ball shots out 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      This will be even more than Mission Europa 1 and it had a TON of effects like that… set armor is a Great idea I had forgotten about Great Idea!…Thanks!

  2. Kiltedkey Says:

    You’ll have no issues making set armor, so that the more pieces you have, the higher your buffs are?

    What are your plans for rings and amulets? Are you adding a different kind of damage resistance for magic or laser weapons? Do they have spells bound to them?

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