Wow got stuck with a blender or unity importer bug

Update: So animations for shooting working. Now to get them shooting. First I have to make a system to also combine transforms so I have the location for the ejecting shells and the muzzle for the flash… not sure that will happen tonight.. it is saturday and it might be movie time =)

Update: funny as soon as I posted that I found an answer…. moving on….

Another silly sticking point… I cannot figure out how to detect a GUI click through. IE you clicked a button so do not shoot the gun… this is useless on the IOS BUT I will not be on the IOS for a while and am planning some web testing… we shall see… argh… the new GUI documentation is lacking.

Usually you add multiple animations in the event editor. So I did this BUT some would not import or only one. I spent 2 hours trying different settings and searching the web… Then I decided I would just keep them in different files as that is the only way to go anyway with the timeline running all the animations. Well back to work. I am not partying tonight its a work night =) and partially a recovery night from last night 😉

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