One last step for the weapons.

Update: Crimy Unity is well designed… my only concern is the speed in areas… but I can get around that with creative coding..Sooo after watching al the AI tutorials I got that down super easy. I created a spawner that pulls from the part database and created the below character. Next I need to fix up the first level and create the NAV meshes. Then I need to simply attach the nav controller to the AI and work with the animation states when they are moving and not moving!.. sheesh so easy… I had to write my own nav mesh system last time from scratch and it did not have all these bells and whistles.. It is moving faster and faster and faster!

NOTE that is not final artwork at all.. just test for now.. IT is the beginning of a blood zombie.


Update: AI time I think this is perfect…now there are also sparks where the bullets hit =) My GOSH unity is easy… sooo easy I wish Idid the switch a LONG time ago =) But in all reality I am glad I waited for the new GUI system… it saved months of time I think….


Update: Shooting Done! =)… I need to clean some stuff up and add some lights for a light flash then on to AI! =)… Moving very quick…


Update: working on decals now and a decal manager. I think at first at least I am going with simple decals as the other decal system I have is not so fast in unity. So first the simple version which is going nicely. Then possible replace the sub system like changing a tire to the more complex version. A decal system can be processor consuming as the  method includes looking at the whole sub mesh for triangles that intersect a volume. If they intersect they are copied to a new model. That models material has a bias or is set to a different cull mode to draw over the surface they are on and the model is placed in the world to disappear when more are needed then are allowed. Pretty simple but a bit of processor is required. So I will simply drop a plane just above the surface for now. The drawback… on edges you may get floating decals.. I could detect for that but it would be just as bad as building a decal. Anywho back to work!

I have a pretty sweet setup. So each mod that makes up every item (up to 3) has an effect. This effect controls the animation of your arms, the muzzle flash type and timing, the shell ejected, and the bullet shot. So using an item can do so many different things. ALL items run off of this. So that leaves this puppy open to a HUGE amount of actions on the use of the items be it guns armor or consumables. They all use the same systems. VERY cool =)

Here is a shot of the shells ejecting. I am down to the last segment. Firing a gun and showing a hit on static objects. This is well documented and should go very fast just like the shells ejecting did. Now that the base system is down I just plug and play assets with scripts an whalla hundered if not thousands of types of guns off the base parts… Say you have 10 stocks 10 main sections and 10 barrels. Then you have 6 quality levels. Well that is 10 x 10 x 10 x 6 different types of combinations. That is 6,000 different types of guns not including the level differences. 6000 rifles,6000 swords,6000 axes,6000 pistols,6000 armor pieces per slot… pretty mind boggling.. =)

Here is the shot of the shell more later!



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