AI time!

Update: Wow one day guns in almost in one day. Next day AI walking around a nav mesh chasing me. Good stuff Unity!…

Now.. there is a bit to go on the AI of course but that are in walking around and animating as seen in my little test area. They are also being constructed from parts in a database and then placed in the world with all the items needed to make them work. I need to add weapons and items etc to them but first I want to be able to shoot them and kill them =)… finally some fun testing =P..


Update: Another praise is unities simplified shader and surface shader systems….I popped out a normal mapping diffuse and specular mapped shader in about 4 minutes… so good yum..

Another think out-loud day. It is time to start working on the AI. I want the AI to tie into level events that are random and built into the level.

How this is going to work.

1. Each level is constructed from a set of 5 rooms. They are interlocked at doorways. In each room there are several positions defined as a type. The types will be pipe burst, spark, intrusion (a model comes through), steam vent, blood spray, oil spray, electrical short, etc. There is a trigger placed in the scene tied to this item. They go off once but not all are used. At runtime some are disabled and some enabled. As you approach the boss of the level addition items are added to the event IE a taunting scream earthquakes while the main boss roars. This will be the event system. Some rooms will have rock falls etc. not always though. Just to spice up the level.

2. AI Spawn. At load time when the rooms are assembled. In each room are markers where AI can spawn. There is a module called AIMgr in the level. There is stored 3 types of walkers, 3 types of flyers, a possible mini-boss with good loot by chance but very tough, and the level boss. The items they are made of create the stats. The bosses have a boost ability of some type assigned to them.

I need to research instancing to increase the number of enemies. However, if it shows to be a problem I am more in the mood to have better reacting AI then hordes. The hordes can be achieved by the fliers.

After I get the above functional I will attack the AI taking cover. Welp.. more later!


4 Responses to “AI time!”

  1. MedicalBenko Says:

    Looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks sir!.. glad to see you around!.. I hope more and more will come and watch the dev of ME2.

      Tomorrow I will be moving farther into the AI. Not to vomplex chase attack etc.. Unity is amazing.. A worry I do have is the complexity of AI and running it all in C#. The good thing is AI can be stepped into a decision every X amount of time… so I think we will be OK.

      Tomorrow I wll get to killing those nasties and spraying some kind of blood depending on what type of enemy you are shooting!.. Good stuff =)

      • MedicalBenko Says:

        I love that you are really making each enemy blood differently. You should different make different color blood! Better yet (sorry, my creative side is coming out again ๐Ÿ˜€ ) maybe some enemies blood splatter can cause some type of negative status effect for the player if they are too close. Like you did in the 1st Mission Europa with the “when enemies get to close they explode”, you can do something similar in Mission Europa 2. For example, “If the enemies are in range and taking damage, the player takes some splash damage from the blood (because of the enemy aliens blood being acidic). Or player can be slowed, dazed/blurry screen, etc.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        You nailed it that will be in the ability or so called spells. Some enemies will only be a pair of legs walking and when they get close enough.. BOOM… =)..

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