AI State Machine time!

Update: Freaking insane… in an hour I had attacking AI even making the animation =)… So they drop out of the sky.. land with animation..when they see you they then walk to you and smack you in the face… now time to kill them COMBAT TIME!

More later =)… Combat time!




Update: Wow I LOVE Unity… I have the state machine in and running. Here you see an AI falling from the sky and hitting the ground then showing the land animation. He then stands up and next will be chasing you =)… sweet! This is moving very Quick!… Next will be combat!.. I should be killing baddies within 2-3 hours of work time. Amazing. After that I will clean up the main base and get the elevator working which access the first ten levels of the drill site. The room generator will be next where I create one room and create the scripts that will build the levels. Good freaking stuff 6 weeks of after hours and sporadic day work times in….I should moved to Unity from my engine a year ago, however not having the GUI tools would have REALLY slowed me down. SO I am ok with just moving on it now.



Today I need to get the state machine started. I want to start with AI dropping from a height and landing animating a land and recover. Imagein walking down a dark hallway and things drop out of holes in the ceiling from a random script added to the level all around you.When they land they stand and attack. Some take cover. You Pop five abilities to protect yourself and fight out of there. Once clear you use Reyem Neas summon to blow the whole room to hell. =) That is the kind of action that is my goal for Mission Europa 2. With Unity that should be a breeze =)..

More later….


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