Back to work today!

I have to figure out why a collider is not triggering on a mesh with a NavMesh AI unit. Quite tricky but I hope to get that done. Then get on to building the first rooms!!! I have the AI in and attacking in Melee fashion and that will do for now. I will come back to it pre Alpha testing and really tweak it up. It is VERY easy in  unity and all the scene awareness tools they have.

So I expect to begginning level 1 today by creating the first set of rooms. I am not sure of the final count but I think I want the first levels to be composed of at least 5 rooms to combine in random ways to create the level like I did in ME 1. I need to create the systems to not allow them to collide with each other, close doors, create down ramps or stairs to the next level etc. Lots to do here but once complete I will be 85% done with the game and I will just have to fill in story and art assets.

So off to work.


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