Room time!! Starting rooms today!

Update: 1hr 30 minutes into a room and I should have about 2 hours left until lighting… =) awesome!!!! It took me at least 40 hours a room last time lol and with far less detail and items around. There is about 20x more detail and polygons in these scenes =) NO MORE 3gs support =P… More later.. I should be getting the level into lighting tomorrow sometime. More later!


15 minutes in and a level starts to form. Unity is awesome! The asset store is also pretty awesome to boost game making speed. After I get the base level together I add in the creepy stuff. More Later.


I think I found more work time non holiday easily then holiday with all the freinds and family so active… But things are still moving. Now it is time to create the rooms!… I need to start with a sketch and then build them in unity which is pretty doggone fast to build in. More later!


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