Going Strong!!!

Below is where I sit… I will update as the level evolves… man this is QUICK!

You can click on the below one.. =)


—- older stuff below



Click for larger image…. Building Room 1 later today and I am planning a work weekend on Mission Europa 2

I can create a room from start to finish in about 4 hours I believe. I still need to dirty this one up and also I will be creating the bloody messes to add into the scenes… The levels need a LOT of lighting work. They are not going to be all bright and cheery. They will be dark frozen messes. =)

More when I get time… Day job is going strong today… keeping me really busy!


2 Responses to “Going Strong!!!”

  1. Kiltedkey Says:

    How in the heck did you make the windows look like you did? I have no idea how to program, but it’s interesting! I’m really glad that we’ll have a lot more cover to hide behind during a firefight. Will enemies do the same, firing at us, then hide behind cover to reload while melee units charge us?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:


      I am aiming at them taking cover.. But things like floaters and dumb fleshy monsters will just chase you. =)..The smarter ones will take cover. I currently have them just chasing. After I get this first room piece done I will move back to the AI 😉

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