OK so I found RAIN

Unity is really lacking in the AI department. If you cannot dynamically alter or update a navmesh at runtime you are REALLY lacking. I build randomly generated levels this will not work in Unity. AT ALL…. BUT thank goodness rain is here. I now have to get the next to last major component built… well I still have the story system… BUT for now I need to get the room generator running. So it will create the levels out of a template of rooms. Currently I plan on using just one room to refine the systems… And one AI after that. The next step will to be getting the AI system and RAIN working in the dynamically generated level. Learning a new API is always fun so I look forward to it. With the years I have in game making usually it comes easy as most systems just have different knobs and buttons so HOPEFULLY it goes smoothly… So now on to the room generator.

More later!


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