Scripted event example.

Update: Make it rain!….!/content/23569

*Rubbing hands together in s sinister manner*… This is WAAAAAYYYYY better then what unit offers.. just trashed my ai code and I will be researching and using this… Hurdle overcome!…off to the races!


Yikes found a major issue in that you cannot load another scene additively into your scene WITH a nav mesh…. that is a HUGE oversight by unity developers. Now I hear there is a nasty work around so I am going to attempt it but it is also time I did not want to waste argh!…

Bottom thread is what I might try..Or organize my levels much differently.

Thinking while I type. But… I could with each level load in the rooms I want to use as prefabs and run it manually.. SAD thing is I cannot dynamically load nav meshes… I may have to roll my own AI pathing system that I can use in real time. As a serious requirement is randomized levels from rooms and in those rooms randomized events that are decided by a type of dungeon master AI system…. Looks like I have a bit of research to do…. .


I added a light to the fire effect and threw together a flickering light script so The fire flickers… looking good I think… moving forward. I want to add in another type of spawn which should fit right in with my current system for exploding walls. I want enemies to drop our of the darkness on the ceiling.. =) This is going to be a very active game. =) .. more later!



So there is a chance that one of many many scripted events will trigger by your actions in game. Here below is a simple if you cross by this location 2 times the wall explodes and a Blood Zombie comes after you. Good stuff!… The game will randomly enable and disable them when it constructs the level at the beginning of the level.

First you approach.


Walk up the steps….


To close and it is the second time you walked by BOOM!!! wall explodes…


Hungry zombie!


More later!


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