Welp that was easy

Update: well good news I have the generator mostly done as far as assembling rooms. I have doors that open and close. I have events taking place that are auto generated. Now I need to look into unities occlusion culling or roll my own with simple triggers… I can turn off all rooms but the ones that are directly next to me =)… pretty easy but I would first like to investigate what unity has =)


Update: Now the tricky part….I need to test that there is nothing in the way of the new room coming in. I have to make sure they do not collide. In ME1 it did not matter as I disabled one room out and it would take at least 3 to turn back on itself. So you would never run into another room. I also like to think my nav mesh system was WAY better then unities as it was dynamic and at anytime I could modify it and apply the changes… Anywho back to work I need to get the collision detection in. Back to research….


It needs tuning but it is almost done .. The level generator.. See one room tied to copies of itself.. I will just have to finish out the generator testing for collisions. Then its event scripter time. Things are going at light speed I think a couple months to full beta… And to alpha just a month or so…. wow..!MissionEuropa2_level



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