Current to do:

– I need to remove the double door problems I have by only using one set of doors at each side so the N,E always erase doors if there is a door behind..easy

– I will be looking into RAIN. I want the AI to start working again in the generated levels.

– I want to look into “slenderman” type moments of walking into a room and seeing things to add to the atmosphere and make them also random.

– Lots more but the above will keep me busy for many hours…..


Here is a movie of the rooms working. AI was yanked as I am replacing it with RAIN.

Check it out!


10 thoughts on “FIRST MOVIE!

  1. Really impressive looking Ryan, great progress on this and the graphics are intense.

    Will we have pvp rooms and co op drops in this game?

  2. Have you ever played the Neo Geo Pocket Color title Dark Arms, it would be amazing if you could include some “zombie/alien” arm style weapons you could find that you could equip. Take a look at some videos for it, that game was a handheld gem.

  3. I would also like to see some more friendly AI in your base this time round, the other AI were not so helpful lol.

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