Game State Machine Time

Update: Well it was not a Unity bug I was detecting the Player Game node in a different way that I thought would work but did not. So now its all fixed. I have the Occulsion working and a sky high frame rate now. Sweet!! =).. I want to create the elevator you start the level at and close doors that do not have an abutting room. The doors are easy I just remove blank room doors opening systems. And the elevator is just a construction thing that should not take to long =)…



I need to finish up the main game state machine. It is pretty simple but I need the control over load times. It seems Unity has what might be a bug in that when you dynamically load a level into your scene any colliders that are triggers will trigger. I think it is because all collider’s may start at 0,0,0 and thus they are colliding. I want to load and build the level then enable and place the player.

The major items left to a completely playable game:

1. Game State Machine

2. Self made occlusion system. Simple system but with my game design it is way better then the systems in Unity.

3. Implement RAIN systems for the dynamic systems they allow as Unity will not create dynamic Nav Meshes. Also RAIN seems far more complete and complex then the Unity AI systems that are included.

4. Create more weapon pieces, armor pieces, and enemy pieces.

5. Test myself.

6. Implement the buffs and abilities.

7. Implement the story systems and effects per level. (I have some GREAT ideas here with Unities unique features)

Anywho that really is not as much as it looks like as most of those can be completed in 8-10 hours each. (Minus the assets). Once I have a complete playable game I will start loading in assets and not so much code finally!.. Once I have a fully playable 4 missions I will look into testing methods… .Most probably web based testing first as it costs money as soon as I start IOS testing…

Anywho more when I get time for now the day job calls.


2 Responses to “Game State Machine Time”

  1. KiltedKey Says:

    If there is any testing or advice or thoughts I can give on weapons, armor, abilities, skills, and balance, I’m here for you! I absolutely loved the last game, but it had its issues, as all games do. Being one shot by bosses, as I’ve said before, was completely unfair, but I have no problem with game being difficult! You want fair difficulty, not cheap shots! And balance too! Want to make sure all fighting styles are valid, after all!

    I was asking before, and I’d just like to ask again out of interest: Will there be two handed weapons and guns in this game? Not just skills that boost guns, but weapons that can only be used by sacrificing a hand for power? A massive longsword, for example? Is there any kind of magic/evil necromancer stuff you have in store for us?

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