Time to make it RAIN or NOT

Welp gave rain a go and its generator is WAY WAY WAY to slow to use in realtime with generated levels so it looks like I will have to roll my own nav mesh argh!… Although it will give me an easy to use map situation. This could take a little time =)..but it will be REALLY fast to load and custom. They way mission europa is set up it would be really easy to make it. I may have to create my own in game mesh generation system I am not sure…. as my levels are built in unity I cannot create a mesh and import it to easily…. BUT I have an exporter that will export the level I can then build it in blender and then re import the finished mesh. The meshes will be loaded and attached at runtime… no generation required… =).. Here goes a week… =/ but maybe when I am complete I could sell it on the asset store and recoup some losses I have cash wish paying for assets and unity.

Back to work!.


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